Advertising Balloons – Alternatives in Advertising

Advertising Balloons – Alternatives in Advertising

Advertising Balloons are an interesting alternative to more common forms of

advertising such as billboard displays or fliers.

advertising balloonCustom helium advertising balloons made in USA.

It is true that advertising balloons are a more cost effective method of promoting your

company. Advertising on billboards can cost thousands per month in rent and

you never actually own the advertisement. Moreover, every business advertises on

billboards so it is not very original or innovative. Furthermore, fliers are

costly to print off and you have to pay somebody to distribute them. Fliers

are also an overused form of advertising and quite a lot of fliers are

discarded immediately by the people to whom they are given. Instead of

this, you can buy advertising balloons with your company name and logo

printed on them and set them up for everybody to see on your premises and

in the surrounding areas. This will draw more customers as more people will

be aware of your store.

7 ft. in diameter yellow advertising balloon7 ft. Advertising Balloons with logo from $533.00

Balloons are also a fun way to advertise. They will

be noticed by children as well as by adults. They are much more appealling

visually than a run of the mill billboard. It will also be quite unique as

not many businesses use advertising balloons to promote themselves. It can

make your business stand out from the rest and increase awareness of your

business among potential customers who pass by in the street. Aside from

large advertising balloons adorning the outside of the building, another

good idea would be to have smaller ones which also bear the company’s name

and logo; these could be handed out to customers in-store as they are

frequently in places like McDonalds. Balloon advertising has become quite

sophisticated these days. It is possible to have large balloon in many

shapes. These can be lit up at night time too so they will be visible at

all times. Overall, giant inflatables are perfect for businesses

searching for cheaper ways to advertise. This is especially important in

todays difficult economic climate. Furthermore, they are fun, quirky and

different enough to make a business really stand out from the crowd.


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